Clay Impressions

Clay Impressions

Coming Soon

Clay impressions coming soon at Splat n Splodge


Clay impressions are different to printing onto pottery. Clay impressions creates a 2D effect of the imprint. This leaves raised details of wrinkles and creases!!

Prices will be approximately:
Single Impression - £25
Double Impression - £40
Family Impression - £50

We are working towards different methods of displaying this product, for example, frames, hanging with ribbon etc. We will also be looking to provide different shapes, such as hearts and stars.

These are made from extra white earthenware clay and need to be dried slowly to prevent cracking and buckling. Please beware, from doing the initial impressions and the completed product it will be around 3-4 weeks.
They need to fired in the kiln as well as painted and glazed and fired again.

Bookings will be essential, due to the work involved.