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Everything you need to get creative at home with your chosen pottery. 


You must add this kit to the basket for you to paint at home. Once returned I will glaze and fire them.


The cost of the kit is refundable once returned with your chosen pottery. 


The kit contains:

- Paints

- Colour selection tile

- Brushes

- Selection of Stamps

- Sponges

- Stencils

- Paint palettes

- Water pot




Hire & Fire kit

  • If you purchase an Hire & Fire kit, the cost will be refunded to you on its return. If you have paid for pottery and it hasn't been painted, I will refund you the cost of each item returned, if it is in resellable quality - e.g not painted or damaged. 

  • All items in the Hire & Fire kit has been thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and checked before being sent out. We ask you to return the kit in a clean state too. 


    During the current climate of COVID-19, we are asking people not to hire a kit if you or anybody in your home has the virus or suspected to have the virus. We want to help reduce the spread of the virus.