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How to . . .

Here are a few hints & tips on how best to use the equipment in your Hire & Fire kit. 

  • Wipe down your pottery with a damp sponge. Do not soak it. 

  • To avoid any issues in the glazing process, please wash your hands before starting and keep the pottery away from food & drink.

  • You can use the fine tip felt pen to draw a design on your pottery. This is just a guide for you and it will burn off during firing. Please try and avoid pencils, these can contain oils and cause issues when glazing.

  • Please try not to waste paint, only use what you need and keep adding if you need it. 

  • Light colours first, dark colours on top. 

  • For a solid coverage of paint, paint it 3 times. No more. . . 

  • For a quick texture background, you can use a clean dry sponge.

  • When using stamps, paint them thinly with a dark colour. 

  • Any parts of your pottery left blank will have a clear glaze over it.

  • Only use the paints provided. 

  • Once you have finished painting, let it dry fully and wrap in newspaper.

  • Please wash all equipment in warm soapy water. 

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